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Jill Rosenthal, MD, also known as "The Designer Life Doctor," is the founder and CEO of Release It!…Forever. She provides premium coaching to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs rapidly release unconscious thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns that block them and hold them back from their true greatness, so that they can easily achieve their goals without struggling or self-sabotage, allowing them to live the life they dream of, and deserve.

Dr. Rosenthal is an award-winning Harvard and Stanford educated physician who retired after a 35+ year career teaching and practicing medicine at Tufts Medical School and Group Health Cooperative/Kaiser Permanente and began a second career as a wellness and mindset coach, after experiencing her own medical journey and developing an interest in other areas of health and wellness.

Her extensive experience and training, coupled with her own transformation from a stressed, overworked and unhealthy physician, wife, and mother into a happy, healthy, thin, and thriving coach make her uniquely equipped to understand and help other professionals and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Rosenthal’s journey to coaching began with her own struggles with her weight and health.

Facing a chronic ankle problem that limited physical activity, and the stresses of caregiving for a spouse with Alzheimer’s disease and a busy medical practice on top of raising a family, she found herself experiencing a common situation: weight gain after menopause.

Then, in a 2-year period, she lost both of her parents following long illnesses.

After spending a lifetime of taking care of everyone but herself, she faced foot reconstruction followed 8 weeks later by a breast cancer diagnosis.

After surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, she was not able to return to her former busy medical practice in the way that she desired.

Embarking on an 18 month period of self-discovery, she immersed herself in multiple learning and self-development opportunities and relationships, and emerged thin, happy, certified, and determined to help other professionals and entrepreneurs avoid the problems caused by chronic stress, weight gain, and lack of self-care.

Dr. Rosenthal has training and certification in multiple coaching techniques, including special applications of tapping (EFT, or emotional freedom technique), and is skilled in helping people not only in developing strategy and tactics for creating the life they desire, but also in releasing the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that prevent them from doing so.

Without releasing one's underlying action blockers, permanent change is not possible.

She is also proud to be considered the "go-to" coach for other coaches in many fields who are seeking advice about coaching and about their businesses and their personal lives, and who consider her "super-power" to be her ability to quickly zero in on exactly what's blocking them.

Dr. Rosenthal’s passions include her family, her 3 rescue tabby cats, and her volunteer work at a large local community theater, where she spends many hours (during non-Covid times), and where she is a member and secretary of the board of directors. She gives generously to many charities, and donates 5% of her sales to charity.

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