Tif L. - "She was able to work through a horrible block I’ve had for over a year"

I feel perhaps the best way to express my gratitude for Dr. Jill is to talk about what happened right after our session.

I called someone and as I was talking to them they said:

“I just wanna let you know that your your entire demeanor changed. You’re calmer and more self-assured.”

This was right after a half-day VIP session with Dr. Jill.

I trust implicitly Dr. Jill’s incredibly capable and loving hands. She was able to work through a horrible block I’ve had for over a year in real time so I was able to process it, let it go, and then create new possibilities.

It’s something that I have never experienced with a coach before, and I hope to model it with my own clients, because to say her coaching is extraordinary is a real understatement!

Going into the session I wasn’t sure if anything could be helped for me.

People have said that I seem less happy and that has made me very sad.

I talked with Dr. Jill about things that were incredibly shameful - secrets in my mind about finances, about self-doubt, about my career path.

After the half-day VIP session with Dr. Jill I could look at some major problems without completely freaking out and then shutting down and continuing with damaging avoidance. Instead of feeling worse for having shared, or just experiencing a temporary moment of feeling “up,” Dr. Jill walked through a process in real time that gives me not just hope but some faith I can rise above and feel some joy again in my life, a joy for new possibilities.

I felt calmer and more self-assured and there is no price you can put on that, and it is worth being coached by Dr. Jill at any price.

It can be daunting sometimes to even think about expressing a shameful secret inside that you don’t want anyone to know, even if you are investing in a coach to help you through it. I can say with complete confidence that every time I have talked with Dr. Jill, she has improved my life, and though I cannot put a price on that I'm so grateful to have a coach like her in my life.

I have never had a half-day VIP session before until this one with Dr. Jill, and I have to say it’s an extraordinary experience and I feel everyone needs to invest in one for themselves: not just for their business, their family, their relationships — but invest absolutely for themselves, for their self-worth, for their wholeness.

I will be more than happy to offer my phone number and email to anyone who would love to hear more about how amazing Dr. Jill is. I want everyone to know the change she’s making in my life- that’s how much I appreciate her coaching.



Tif L.


Dina W. - "I felt totally safe to talk with you about a very challenging circumstance in my life that carries a lot of grief and embarrassment."

Hi Jill, I just want to share with you and others how deeply grateful I am for you.

From the moment you started coaching me, I immediately felt your loving presence .... and your genuine care.

I felt totally safe to talk with you about a very challenging circumstance in my life that carries a lot of grief and embarrassment. And, I've kept this bottled up inside me for a long time ... and really judging the hell out of myself.

I think we both know that's the REAL weight we carry ... that keeps us holding on to unwanted physical weight, no matter how clean we eat ... until we shift that.

I was so affected by the compassion and non-judgment you held for me ... that it actually inspired me to feel more compassion for myself. That feels so much more empowering.

In the tapping work we did, you gently guided me to a place of clarity that I wasn't quite able to access on my own.

And, the tapping has really helped me to completely eliminate my food cravings ... and most of my emotional eating. I love that you have different tapping sequences for different kinds of challenges!

Jill, you are a heart-centered, intuitive, and insightful coach with a tremendous skill set. You really know how to laser right in.

I feel so much passion in your work ... and I thank you for that! I know other women do too ...


Tracy R. - Resolved her fear of success

I worked with Jill on my trauma from several childhood memories.

My memories had left terrifying and abandoning imprints and specifically were affecting present day in a couple of ways.

Firstly, I was extremely afraid that I would be bullied or harassed by men in authority. Working with Jill helped me with this fear.

Secondly I was afraid of success. Whenever I would achieve excellence in a position at work, I would run. This was a huge problem. I had left my childhood home city, friendships, and many work environments because I had achieved excellence. Now I am able to stand still and celebrate my place in life.

Thank you, Jill.


Christine D. - "I’ve lost 35 pounds since last fall [6 months]"

Before working with Jill, I had gained some weight during the pandemic on top of being heavier than I wanted for years and I really wanted to move forward with getting healthier and breaking through bad habits.

I’ve lost 35 pounds since last fall [6 months], and I absolutely know the techniques and the work you took me through have helped it happen. I’m still going and I’m hoping to be down another 25 by the end of the summer. I can’t thank you enough.


Mary C. - "I would not have gotten it like I did"

I didn't quite see how my fear was holding me back and protecting me. I never really got that before.

Before I thought that there was something wrong with me when I sabotaged myself!!! It was so frustrating and I would get angry at myself but you helped me realize that I have to be more supportive and understanding of myself because the part of me that is scared is trying to protect me. 

Thank you so much for helping me see how I was protecting myself and helping me see how I can help myself with love. I know that I would not have gotten it like I did when you guided me through this great exercise. It was really powerful!



Dama S. - "a holistic approach"

When you offered help with weight loss I had no idea you would take such a holistic approach and help me feel better throughout. After a few weeks, my daughter asked me where "Grumpy Mom" went!

The amazing part is that I'm not doing any work. I had a burger on Saturday, pasta and cupcakes on Sunday and I lost more than 1 kg in the past week by not working on anything. Magic to me!

I'm sitting on the couch and enjoying the fact that I can sit with my upper leg (crossed over the other and dangling - actually pointing down instead of sideways!


Margaret C. - "I am 100% convinced any client will get much more value than they could possibly dream out of working with you."

When we met I wasn't sure if you would be able to help with the problem we had identified. But that didn't matter because we found another more serious and insidious problem - the constant fatigue. This was a problem because I discovered that whenever I didn't want to do something I was absolutely exhausted. It didn't matter what it was - work or play.

Now every time I feel that tired, I stop and think "what am I trying to avoid?" and then make a decision in the moment to do it or not based on interest rather than on the excuse of fatigue.

I really appreciate the time you spent raising my awareness and then "curing" the problem.

If you ever need a reference about your skills, I am 100% convinced any client will get much more value than they could possibly dream out of working with you.

Thanks again.


Kimila M. - "worked through and healed some things from childhood that I had previously been working on for years"

I’ve been working with Jill for months and in that time I’ve completely transformed my eating habits, collapsed food cravings and worked through and healed some things from childhood that I had previously been working on for years!

Thank you so much for the work you do Jill - it’s truly a gift.


R.S. - "I realized that if I didn't take action I would never have the results...Jill coached me to find the solution"

Recently I have been feeling stuck and unmotivated in moving forward with a business program I am enrolled in.

During my conversation with Jill, I determined that I prefer live trainings as opposed to do it at your own pace programs. I also like to work with other people, as opposed to on my as it generates more discussion and interest.

I realized that if I didn't take action I would never have the results I want but was uncertain how to generate self-motivation and interest.

Jill coached me to find the solution of asking for a study buddy instead of an accountability friend from the Facebook group related to this training.

I immediately took action and put out this request, which I hope will be fulfilled. I feel more motivated already at the thought of moving through the program with a companion.



Donna C. - "Jill helped me get back on track and regain my focus."

When I started working with Jill I had already lost a significant amount of weight but I was not at goal.  I was feeling stuck and frustrated with myself.  Jill helped me get back on track and regain my focus.  I follow a WFPB program and her knowledge of this plan was so helpful.  She shared recipes and a lot of tools to make meal planning and preparation so much easier.  She helped me realize how I was sabotaging myself by not being honest with myself or holding myself accountable.   While working with Jill my mother passed away and I found myself doing a lot of emotional eating.  Jill also helped me through my grief and taught me how to take care of myself and stay on track while dealing with my emotions.  

Her knowledge and passion are so inspiring.   I have learned to trust myself and I have now lost over 100 pounds.  Thank you so much for all your support and for believing in me when I was doubting myself.  I feel fantastic and have so much energy now, and I am enjoying a healthy active life.


Sandy B. - "on the path to success!"

I was familiar with the Nutritarian Lifestyle and flip-flopped back and forth between it and a vegetarian diet for years never reaching my ultimate goal weight. I decided to give the Success Program a try and am so happy I did! It was extremely beneficial having a coach to share tips for success, be a cheerleader, and hold me accountable to my goals. It was also nice to have access to Zoom luncheons, the Facebook group and group emails so I never felt I was in this alone. Thank you, Jill, for putting me on the path to success!


Jennifer C. - "Jill provided caring, compassion, and support in helping me overcome negative habits"

Jill provided caring, compassion, and support in helping me overcome negative habits that hindered my progress in healthy eating.  She coached me by setting appropriate boundaries around food, establishing a plan and method to prepare and store nutritious food to balance eating well and my busy life, and navigating unhealthy food temptations.  Jill dedicated her time and effort toward helping me succeed and provided so many tips to live a healthy life.  I am highly appreciative of her.

Jennifer C.


Audrey - "'simplify this,' no nonsense approach"

"I really enjoyed your coaching and your “simplify this," no nonsense approach. Also your sense of humor. Love it!

I am continuing on my journey to better health & things are improving for me. I’m exercising more frequently, eating healthy and, in turn, things seem to be getting easier. Maybe I’m just getting better coping skills and accepting what is. 😆 my “stay strong” goal is finally materializing."


Ron Wypkema - "If you are hiring Dr. Jill you are hiring a winner."

"Dr. Jill is a very competent coach. With her exceptional caring and compassion, she is devoted to being present, really listening, and serving her clients and supporting them in the results that they want. If you are hiring Dr. Jill you are hiring a winner." - Ron Wypkema

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